Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 Principles of a Building an In-House Brand School

One of the key means of building a successful and sustainable brand is to create an internal brand school within your organization, one in which the student body consists of all of your employees. This organization within an organization not only helps define your brand but will foster ownership of the company’s goals with every employee, increasing visibility of unified message that reaches the public and ultimately your consumer.

First: Focus all your company energies on genuine dedication to client-centricity and build relationships. Don’t offer just lip service or a laundry list of product features. Survey your customers and document areas of success and areas of needed improvement. Create a strategy for raising the level of client-centricity. Establish that the company is ready and willing to evolve to this end, with buy-in from top management. They must lead by example.

Second: Invest in great employees and give them greater importance. Employees up and down the age scale are increasingly seeking more than just straight compensation. They are looking for greater meaning and purpose in their place of employment. This not only benefits them personally but increases employee satisfaction, giving your clients a better experience with your company.

Third: Make this a company-wide mission; don’t just limit client-centricity to the sales force or the other branches directly in touch with the end user. From the CEO down to the janitor, all need to be the brand’s biggest and best spokesperson, aligned behind the same values and brand message. Then, just as the educational institutions do, reward those employees who embrace your company's brand successfully with recognition.

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