Thursday, September 11, 2014

Corporate Life Cycle

It's helpful to realize where your business stands in its life cycle in order to affect change where needed. So, we've included the following phases:

  • Courtship - The initial development of the business model
  • Infancy - After launch and the beginning of activity 
  • Go-go - Energetic early growth and sometimes chaos 
  • Adolescence - Still developing but more established and defined 
  • Prime - At its healthiest and most competitive, popular, and profitable 
  • Stability - Still effective and profitable, but beginning to lose its leading edge - vulnerable 
  • Aristocracy - Strong because of market presence and successes, but slow and losing market share to competitors, new technologies, trends, etc. 
  • Recrimination - Doubts, problems, threats, and internal issues overshadow its original purposes 
  • Bureaucracy - Inward-focused administration seeking exit or divestment, many operating/marketing challenges 
  • Death - Closure, sell-off, or bankruptcy. 

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