Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Messaging: The Key to Winning More Deals

Sure, sales representatives want more qualified leads, but what else can their companies do to help them succeed?

According to a new survey by Televerde, better messaging is the key ingredient. They surveyed more than 200 sales representatives who sell B2B products/services, with companies who have $50 million+ in revenues. The respondents were asked “What can marketing do to help them win more deals?” Interestingly, “better messaging” was cited by more respondents as a top-5 assist (even more than “more qualified leads”). Sales wants the ability to deliver a distinct point of view that uniquely positions their company as THE solution provider.

Sales reps were looking for...
  • better messaging,
  • better marketing materials,
  • more case studies & testimonials, and
  • vertical and segment targeting and materials.

Sales reps said...
  • Content marketing has emerged as an important sales tool
  • Industry events are one of the most useful marketing activities
  • Value propositions are needed (something again tied to messaging.)
  • Case studies and sales presentations are also very important marketing assets. (The B2B buyers believe that the sales presentation is the most important content asset.)

In the end, most sales representatives felt fairly confident about their relationship and alignment with their company’s objectives and marketing goals.


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