Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 Reasons for a Brand Makeover

In 2011, Starbucks unveiled their new logo to help celebrate their 40-year anniversary. The new logo removes the word mark: “Starbucks Coffee” and, as they put it, “unleashed the Siren, a mythological figure who represents the romance and creativity that inspired the founders of Starbucks 40 years ago.” 

This change begs the questions: Should you change/update your logo and identity to reflect a renewed and targeted brand passion? Below are ten reasons why you may want to consider it:
  1. Enhance friendliness.
  2. Simplify the message.
  3. Make the message and all visuals cleaner, less cluttered.
  4. Make it more contemporary and relevant.
  5. Better capture and tell your brand story.
  6. Cast a vision of where you want your brand to go.
  7. Highlight positive and needed changes.
  8. Promote hidden advantages and character qualities of the brand.
  9. Embolden your brand and increase its visibility, especially in saturated markets
  10. Erase misconceptions in a new and/or expanding market.

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