Thursday, December 17, 2015

Keep it or burn it: New company allows users to create multiple phone numbers

Need a phone number for a day, a week, a month, or longer? Create a number on your iPhone or Android in less than 30 seconds. Keep the number as long as you’d like or burn it when you’re done.

Historically, one landline used to be the main player and the main point of contact in business with questions ranging from operating hours to prices to directions filtering in through this one line. But times have changed and a key difference in today’s market is that there are multiple connection points, including your website and social media.

Enter Burner ( Burner is a privacy layer for the smartphone, giving users the power to take control of their personal data and business communications. The most interesting aspect of this new technology is not just that it's for privacy for personal Twitter or Facebook accounts or for selling on Craigslist, but it’s a useful business application as well.

Use Multiple Phone Numbers to Track Ads 

When Internet companies place ads in different channels (such as Facebook or Twitter), they use unique links to measure traffic. But what happens with non-digital ads? How can you measure where your traffic is coming from if you’re advertising on a billboard, in newspapers, or through partner businesses? This is where having multiple phone numbers is a simple and effective solution.

Now companies can manage these numbers directly through a mobile device. This provides a clear view of each channel’s effectiveness thereby allowing the business realtime response tracking. Obviously this has to fit within your marketing strategy, and if it does, it’s a great new technology to keep in mind.

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