Monday, April 30, 2012

Brand Glossary—Learning the ABC's of Branding


Brand Essence. The brand's promise expressed in one, no more than two, words. (More than two indicates a lack of focus.) For example, Nike=authentic athletics; Disney World=magical, Harley-Davidson=independent. Brand essences are most powerful when they answer a fundamental need or feeling a customer has.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM). A technological system or software that manages and traces a company’s relationship with its customers, clients, and sales prospects. It provides one-to-one customer service and personal contact between the company and the customer, thereby increasing the bond between the consumer and the brand.


Monolithic Brand. A "masterbrand" in which the parent company’s identity is the single brand name that dominates the product or service it offers, describing those product and services in generic terms. Individual products are nearly always identified by alpha or numeric signifiers. Companies like Heinz, Mercedes and BMW use these systems.

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