Friday, February 15, 2013

Things That Make You Say, "Hmm"

nike flames

Fire and brimstone of another sort: Nike's Air Bakin', Air BBQ, Air Grill, and Air Melt shoes were recalled for a flame embellishment incorporated on the back. The flames resembled the Arabic word for "Allah" when read front to back, which is how Arabic is read. This broke two Islamic taboos:

  • The name of Allah may not be used on a product.
  • Arabic tradition deems the foot unclean.

Nike recalled the expensive sneakers upon threats of worldwide protests and boycotts.
On the upside, in China, Nike's brand name is Naike, which references "endurance" and "perseverance."

Chris Hansen (TV reporter for "To Catch a Predator") never had it this easy!

Note to self....

Perhaps some sensitivity training is in order.

Yum. Organic sand. Milk's best friend.

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