Friday, November 22, 2013

The Digital Landscape: Career Prospects for the Next Generation

Generation Z, the title bestowed on those born after 1995, is a unique generation and the first to be completely submerged in the technological landscape we know as the Internet. Key projections are an ever-growing online social connectivity, a booming global e-commerce environment, and an overall more informed society than has previously existed.

Another name given to this generation is “digital natives.” Instead of growing up in a culture of rotary telephones, the Dewey decimal system, and one centralized-three-networked-television-set, they’ve been immersed in everything digital. All information is at their fingertips. No sweat-equity required.

According to Wagepoint, there are some interesting and exciting opportunities that await the Digital Natives:

  •  65% of today’s kindergarteners will work in jobs that do not currently exist.
  •  The top 10 in demand jobs of 2010 were not around in 2004.
  •  Some digital jobs with growth projections include app developers, social media managers, and user experience designers. These did not exist in the early 2000s.
  • Environmental careers will increase.
  • A new field of farmer will include “vertical farming” which will reduce the amount of acreage by growing crops upwards. Additionally, a climate controller will not predict weather, but manage weather.
  • Healthcare-related jobs will increase, especially with regards to nano-technology (“Nano-Medic”) that automatically regulates medication and a memory augmentation surgeon that will help memory in the aging population.


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