Friday, October 5, 2018

Things that make you say, "Hmmm"

We've come across some interesting and creative ads, billboards and signs... some sensical, nonsensical, and some that just cross the line. Do they get their message across? You be the judge...

I'll buy a vowel....

I think I'll park in the one-hour parking lot just to give my eye surgeon some leeway.

Secondary is the tiny print that states "the bridge is out" because it is SO tempting to forget your destination, stop the car, get out, and touch the sign.

And dont't drink and make road signs, either.

Bus graphics gone awry? This poor man has no idea why the folks on the sidewalk are laughing at him.

Didn't anybody at the foundation think this one through?

Someone in the creative meeting just should have said no to this pairing.

Apparently did not get the memo.

This ad may be a little too honest: Not everything is big in Texas.

Little known fact: Cows depreciate the most their first year off the lot.

You know someone is going to see this billboard as a dare.

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