Friday, January 21, 2011

10 Tips for Better Synergy Between E-mail & Social Media Campaigns

Remember, even if it’s the same customer, they have different expectations from e-mail and social media. In very general terms, e-mail is a great way to blast out a short message indicating a sale, or offering a coupon, or offering a chance to sign up for something or a newsletter. All of these ideas are extremely effective when they are purposeful.

Social media, by contrast, is more innovative and flexible. Brands have the ability to experiment more. In short, brands should not repurpose the same message in e-mail and social media—consumers will get bored and unsubscribe. However, in some cases, content can be shared but usually in different forms. So how do I integrate the two? Glad you asked. Below are a few tips.

  1. Promote Facebook games, applications, and competitions in e-mail and on Twitter.
  2. Feature winners of Facebook competitions in your e-mail newsletter.
  3. Tweet about exclusive content that’s only available to e-mail subscribers.
  4. Promote exclusive deals on Facebook and Twitter, but make it only available to e-mail subscribers.
  5. Post links to web versions of your best e-mails on Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Include "Like" and "Follow" buttons in e-mail newsletters and promotions.
  7. Include links to your Twitter and Facebook pages in e-mail newsletters.
  8. Collect e-mail addresses at the point of conversion for consumers who link to your site from Facebook and Twitter.
  9. Include questions posted on Twitter and Facebook in your e-mails, and then answer them.
  10. Encourage e-mail subscribers to post questions on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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