Friday, January 21, 2011

3 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans and Keep 'Em

Nowadays getting and keeping your Facebook fans is extremely important for your brand. Not so you can brag about how many "fans" you have, but to utilize this connection to maximize your brand's future growth possibilities. Below are three ways you can do just that.
  1. Build awareness: Market your Facebook page every chance you get through your website’s landing pages, your e-mail communications, and your online and offline advertising. Note: One small Facebook icon at the bottom of your website doesn’t cut it anymore. Bottomline? Integrate a Facebook call-to-action into your marketing communications plan.
  2. Convert your traffic (from visitors to fans): The Facebook "wall" is the default landing spot for all Facebook pages. If this is all your brand creates you will be missing a huge branding opportunity to convert your visitors to fans. Facebook allows a page administrator to designate alternative landing tabs ("Welcome" pages, etc.) for new visitors. This is your best opportunity to maximize and convert your visitors. Your new Facebook "Welcome" page should welcome new visitors and give them a clearly defined call-to-action to become a fan. This can be a simple or complicated page. Some brands offer exclusive content when you become a fan, and others promote a contest or sweepstakes. And some manage to do it all. Whatever the case, always clearly communicated your brand’s benefits.
  3. Engage your fans and they will engage your brand: Easier said than done, right? RIGHT! But, start here: Listen to your fan. Serve content your fans want. Simply regurgitating existing content and reposting on Facebook offers no reason for your fans to engage. Include discussion boards, notes, stories, photos, questions, videos, reviews, events, and/or custom applications and tabs, etc. Facebook can deliver a huge amount of customer interaction with your brand. If you want your fans to engage, ask for their opinions. Post questions, run surveys, etc. And remember, every time a fan responds to or "likes" your post, that information is shared with their friends. This is where the amazing reach of Facebook comes into play.

 Focus on your fans and potential fans by offering engaging content that matters most to them and you’ll begin to build a solid and effective brand communications platform that you can leverage time and again.

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