Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Memphis MPO on the Move with New Logo and Website

Hornsby Brand Design is proud to announce the launch of their latest logo and web design and development project for the Memphis Urban Area MPO (memphismpo.org) on June 3, 2013.

The Memphis MPO is a doorway to this region’s growth and future. So, the logo was designed by taking the “M” in Memphis and creating a doorway with an infinite path to the future. Additionally, it also does a triple play by being a building block as well as a gauge for community growth.

The website takes these same ideas and conveys them throughout through the look and feel, and the functionality of the site. Developed within the Drupal content management system, in a responsive design framework, the Memphis MPO was looking for a complete website solution (design, development, training, support, maintenance, and hosting) along with a new logo, and rebranding.

Overall, the finished product needed to be educational and informative regarding transportation issues facing the Memphis MPO, user-friendly, and attractive. The website incorporates a calendar of activities, interactive indexing of transportation projects, a photo gallery, language translation, and surveying capabilities. It also implements SEO-optimization to maximize its reach and is, of course, mobile phone and tablet friendly.

Key Features 
  • Responsive design 
  • An extensive menu with multiple connection points
  • Beautiful brand photography throughout
  • Slide shows 
  • Engaging, intuitive design and navigation
  • Polling capabilities 
  • Search features
  • Client portals 
  • Contact forms 
  • A media center 
  • Live social media streaming and integration 
  • Calculable Performance “Gauges”
  • V-cards 
  • A localized environmental widget
  • Calendar with Google Calendar and iCal integration

In addition to a cutting-edge responsive website the Memphis-MPO also wanted a very easy-to-use administrator CMS system where updating is made easy.

CMS Features 
  • A password-protected CMS area dedicated to the administrator with easy-to-use navigation. 
  • The ability to register new users, control access, and create updates with ease. 
  • A complete set of comprehensive tools for in-depth editing, adding, and deleting of videos, photos, additional pages, navigational control, tracking, and more. 
  • A help section (users manual) design to answer any question 24/7.
  • Easy form creation with CAPTCHA integration.


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